History - MH-Direkt

The history of MH direct

The history of MH direct

MH|direkt was founded in 1996 by Monika and Hanns Schindler as a mail order company and then gradually expanded into a modern fulfillment company. The founders recognized the potential of online trade early on and began to operate and establish their own online shops together with their son Philipp, who is now the second generation to manage the company.

In the meantime, MH direkt is not only active as a fulfilment service provider, but with the brands radbag, Troppotogo and Cadeaufolies, it is also a successful e-commerce operator itself in all the important markets of Central Europe.


Monika Schindler-Greiter
Dipl.-Ing. Hanns Schindler

"Only those who put their customers first will be able to compete in the marketplace."


Monika Schindler-Greiter
Dipl.-Ing. Hanns Schindler

A little bit of history

A little bit of history


Acquisition of the company Ritter Versand in Lauterach by Hanns and Monika Schindler as a mail order company for fashion and accessories


Foundation of MH|direkt as an international service company for e-commerce and fulfillment services.

as of 2000

Support for customers such as DMG Mori, Spar or Hervis


First steps towards e-commerce with the introduction of a proprietary ERP system, conversion to digital commerce


Philipp Schindler joins the company


Foundation and development of a branch office in Shanghai (web2asia) for the support of customers on the Asian markets


Launch of the first web shop Sowaswillichauch with unusual gift ideas, initially still as a franchise company


radbag goes online as the company's own shop and in the following years establishes itself as one of the most successful Central European online platforms for original gifts, funny gadgets and all kinds of things that you can't buy anywhere else.


Market entries in Italy (under the name Troppotogo), France and Belgium (CadeauxFolies), the Netherlands and Denmark with the largely identical product range

as of 2016

Modernisation of the entire logistics operation, establishment of a production centre for own or customisable products


New ERP system, continuous expansion of the infrastructure to meet the increasing requirements (for customers like Waterdrop, Adidas and some more)


Philipp Schindler takes over sole management | New website, repositioning of MH|direkt as a full service e-commerce partner with the three pillars webshop, fulfillment and call center

the best is yet to come 😉