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„Being able to offer our clients a personalized service is very important to us.“

Joachim Schipflinger, Project Leader

How we make complexity simple.

When it comes to fulfilment every step of our process is designed to ensure accuracy and efficiency. We understand the multitude of factors that must interact flawlessly: procurement, warehousing, commissioning, logistics, payment, customer accounts and returns management, etc. and ensure that the workflow is seamless and maximum cost efficiency is maintained.
Our individual solutions are tailored specifically to your needs and to those of your industry. This includes direct market entry to the most relevant markets in central and southern Europe: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy.


Warehousing Shipping
  • In-house fulfillment software
  • Working area of no less than 20.000 m2 (extendable if necessary)
  • EAN-coded receipts including quality control
  • Commissioning
  • Individually designed packaging
  • Gift wrapping
  • Assembly
  • Lettershop

More information on our warehousing and logistics services.

  • Worldwide shipping
  • Direct Market Entry (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy)
  • Customs clearance (including Switzerland)
  • Express shipping
  • Courier service
  • Distribution of promotional material

More information on our international shipping solutions can be found here.

  • Permanent interface between webshop and fulfillment
  • Flexible technology:
Payment Services Returns
Payment Services
  • All common payment methods including purchase on account and direct debit
  • Credit evaluation and allocation of credit limits
  • Customer account management including dunning and debt collection
  • Local return addresses in 10 countries
  • Daily processing of returns including preparation of goods and warranty handling
  • Refunds and credit vouchers

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