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E-commerce for vitamins, dietary supplements & co.

What dietary supplement traders need to bear in mind

Are you passionate about selling nutritional supplements? Then you should take a look at this blog post, if you are a valued friend of online retailing. Because shipping vitamins, minerals & co. requires special requirements for storage, packaging and shipping. Because perishable goods and such.

So selling food supplements brings with it a great responsibility. After all, the customer's health and well-being are at the centre of all efforts. For example, it must be ensured that expired food supplements are excluded from shipment, but more on that later.

In the following, we explain to you in detail how we can ensure compliance with these special requirements. Logistician's word of honour!

Vitamins & Supplements for sale online

Yes, e-commerce is a rapidly growing industry. Also because of the pandemic, but not only. Even in the sale of supplements, all signs point to further growth. Why is that?

Well, people's health awareness has been steadily increasing for some years now. A healthy and balanced diet is becoming more and more of an issue. The direct connection between nutrition, performance and health is now increasingly recognised or even - hear, hear - accepted as a fact.

And by performance we mean not only physical performance in the sporting sense, but also mental performance in working life. And that is precisely why the use of food supplements is becoming more and more popular, even among the masses. So we have clarified the "why".

And since we are talking about "broad mass" here, smaller companies have also recognised the existing market potential in addition to the big players. From now on, they will be in the fight for online shoppers. Now you are probably wondering how small companies (or maybe even you yourself) can be successful in e-commerce with supplements:

You need good products, smart marketing and - last but not least - the perfect logistics partner.

And speaking of logistics: fast and reliable shipping at a favourable price makes a powerful difference here. And that's why fulfilment solutions are needed that meet the demands of food supplement retailers.

In other words: the best fulfilment the world has ever seen. And, do you already have an idea who could be your best partner in crime? Well?

To make the answer to this question a little easier for you, we can discreetly point out that we have already gained quite a bit of experience in the field of fulfilment with supplements. Just by the way.

What to look out for when shipping vitamins, supplements and food supplements

What you have to consider if you want to sell food supplements, vitamins and supplements within the EU

Within the EU, it is forbidden to advertise food supplements that have a preventive, soothing or curative effect. Because - as the name of food supplements already says - your products fall into the category of food. They supplement the normal diet and do NOT belong to the category of medicines.

Something that should go without saying, but which we would like to point out: the ingredients of your products must be approved. There are supposed to be a few black sheep who have also put other products on the market. Cheeky.

But we would never allow something like that here. You can rely on the logistician you trust. For more detailed information, it is best to consult the Ordinance on Food Supplements of 24 May 2004. Then you are on the safe side. Or you can talk to us, of course.

What you have to consider in cross-border fulfilment with food supplements, vitamins and supplements internationally

This is the time when a very important word has to be said (actually earlier, but it finally fits in here): food safety. Boom.

As food supplements are potentially hazardous products, special food safety regulations must be observed. This applies in particular to their shipment abroad, where different regulations apply.

In principle, as a licensed online trader you can sell your food supplements across borders if you provide the documents and certificates required in the respective target market. You should pay special attention to the complementary substances . These are, for example, preservatives or colourings and sweeteners.

If you are sending supplements to the USA , there are only recommendations, but these do not represent an actual obstacle to shipping. In contrast, comparatively strict rules apply to imports into the EU.

So think carefully in advance about which country you want to send your food supplements to. This way, you can find out in good time about the laws and regulations of the respective destination country as well as about the country of origin. By yourself or with our help. Running.

Oh yes, one more thing should be mentioned: some shipping service providers exclude certain products in their company guidelines. But as an online shop fulfilment buddy, we're here to help you with advice and support and still offer you lots of options, of course.

Problem-free tracking of batches and BBD values with our WMS system

What else is important if you want to sell food supplements

Unfortunately, we are not yet finished with the points mentioned above, as far as the requirements to be observed when distributing your supplements & co. are concerned. There are a few more important things you have to pay attention to:

  • Online labelling
  • Product labelling
  • Advertising or advertising bans
  • Mandatory registration
  • Obligation to report
  • Obligation to notify the placing on the market of foodstuffs

But hey, what's a partner in crime for? If you have any questions, always ask, we're here for you.

What we place particular value on when shipping supplements & co.


Of course, the customer's health is our top priority. That's why we pay special attention to the first-in-first-out principle. This means: goods that arrive first in the warehouse are also dispatched first by us. Sounds obvious, but unfortunately it is not everywhere.

LOT tracking

As mentioned at the beginning, we want to and must ensure that the end customer does not receive any expired food supplements from us. That would be even nicer.

We use the so-called LOT tracking for this. This means that we keep an eye on the best-before date separately and our system does not allow us to send goods that have exceeded the best-before date. Our B2B customers can also view the best-before dates of their products live on the dashboard at any time.

In addition, we know exactly which end customer has received products from which batch. Should there ever be a problem with a batch - which we hope there won't be - we know which end customer has received products from that batch. Better safe than sorry.

Food supplement packaging - this is how we do it

So food supplements are your passion. And because your passion is also ours, it goes without saying that we package your products very carefully. But: we don't just pack your products with love, we also pack them sustainably. What does that mean?

Hopefully you visit our blog regularly and have already read that we take sustainability seriously in our company. That's why we naturally use sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging. In other words, we use recycled cardboard and recycled paper as filling material. Nothing with plastic. Planetary love for the win!

Well, in summary, there is not much more to say, except: yes, the food supplement industry is probably not the easiest business sector in e-commerce. There are rules and regulations that you have to observe as an online retailer. But no, that's not a problem. Because: you have us! Together we'll rock it.