radbag is among the top 10 best online retailers 2021

radbag is awarded - the e-commerce thing is on

In the Top Ten Best Online Retailers 2021

Just recently we had the pleasure of announcing the friendly takeover of Firebox, and lo and behold, the German Handelsblatt has the best online retailers 2021 in the field of gift ideas awarded. And yes, with our online shop we are radbag in the top ten, to be precise. And that makes us all very happy! So let's go and celebrate. 

OK, maybe not like before 2020, but at least in the chats the party and joy emojis are running hot here. Party feeling, as best as it can be during a pandemic.

From the online shop to fulfilment - all processes in-house

If you don't know radbag yet - which is hardly possible - we have to change that here immediately. So: radbag is our in-house online shop that belongs to us - i.e. MH directly. Meaning: we can cover the entire process of e-commerce in-house. Pretty awesome.

With radbag and its sub-brands, we serve 9 countries within the European Union and are thus represented in all relevant Central European e-commerce markets. And we have been doing so for 10 years. We have been able to gather a lot of experience and learning , which makes us the ideal fulfilment partner for your online shop. Wink wink.

What can radbag actually do?

At radbag you will find the coolest gift ideas on the planetWe wouldn't settle for anything less. So whether you're looking for the perfect gift for dad, your best friend or your cat, you're sure to find it at radbag

By the way, we can personalise just about anything here, from beer mugs to bathrobes and much more. So now you know who to turn to in the future if you want your gift to be as extraordinary as you are.

radbag top 10 best online shop 2021
radbag is among the Top 10 Best Online Retailers 2021 in Gift Ideas

What differentiates us from our e-commerce competitors

Firstly, with our own online shop for unusual gift ideas - namely radbag and its sub-brands - we set ourselves apart from the competition with an uncomplicated shopping experience. At radbag , online shopping should be fun, easy and fast. And on different mobile devices, too, please. Because 2021.

On the other hand, we are convinced that the buying experience does not end with the ordering process, but that the world's best after-sales service is simply part of it. A point of honour. 

And we can offer customer service: in 6 different languages, with uncomplicated returns management and of course with lots of love. Of course.

Quo vadis radbag?

For us, this award is a wonderful confirmation of our work and that we are really good at e-commerce. Are we happy? Of course, and how. 

But we will not rest on our laurels in online retailing. Because hey, we want to get even better. So dear radbag crew, quickly finish your beer, roll up your sleeves and continue our journey through the gift galaxy. Always ahead at the speed of light, Captain Kirk!