E-commerce costs | An overview of fulfilment pricing

E-commerce fulfilment costs - with us you keep the overview

What does fulfilment cost?

Admittedly, even our Captain Kirk cannot provide a universal answer to the question of e-commerce costs. Not because he doesn't want to, but because he and the rest of our crew take our job very seriously and create an individual offer for you that is specially adapted to your needs. A point of honour.

In the following you will get a good overview of what the fulfilment processes include and how you as a shop operator can recognise a good offer for you. And why our offer to you is the best of all anyway. Of course.

What exactly do your fulfilment prices consist of?

There are a few topics that are crucial for the pricing of fulfilment, i.e. your e-commerce costs. These are:

Project set-up

These are one-off fulfilment service provider costs that are incurred due to the set-up of us as your fulfilment provider (e.g. set-up of interface between shop system and ERP system, training of employees, set-up of parcel service provider, etc.): Setting up the interface between the shop system and the ERP system, setting up the warehouse, training employees, setting up the parcel service provider, etc.). 

The exact amount of these one-off costs depends on your requirements. You are welcome to ask us to prepare a quote for you at any time. But as I said: with us, you pay it once. Not a little bit here and there every month, because there should be something like that.

Incoming goods

Receiving goods includes taking over the goods from the forwarder including checking for external damage, checking the goods, checking the quantity depending on the agreement, storing the goods in the warehouse and booking the goods into the system.

For us, 2 hours of goods receipt per month are already included in the B2C fulfilment price, after which each additional hour is charged according to time and effort. And with two hours, we already get quite far.


The storage price is perm3 of storage space and per month. With us, this is not a flat rate, which means: if nothing is in stock, nothing is charged. It doesn't get any fairer than that.

Pick & Pack

The Pick & Pack price is based on the number of SKUs/items per order. The pick refers to the picking of your order and the pack refers to the packing and preparation for dispatch. Means: You can have several picks (and of course also packs) per order. In this Pick & Pack offer, most providers differ when it comes to the details. With most of them you pay a basic price and then, depending on the Pick & Pack, additional expenses (not included, however, are costs for filling material, cardboard boxes, delivery notes, etc.). In the end, it is usually much more expensive than initially assumed.

And here we already come to an important point: with us you don't just get Pick & Pack, but the following:

All-In Fulfillment Price for the win

As I said, our Captain Kirk has come up with something very special. It's like Pick & Pack for the advanced. Our fulfilment scale prices are a mixed calculation, which we calculate from the information you provide. This price includes the pick & pack, 2 hours of incoming goods and a return quota. Right from the start. Running.


We also charge separately for the cardboard packaging. We use standard oecological cardboard boxes and are always careful to find the smallest possible unit. The filling material is already included in our price - because: All-In Fulfillment price, you remember. If you wish, you can brand the cardboard boxes with your own adhesive tape. We can also discuss your own cardboard boxes, as well as flyers and other inserts.

By the way: when it comes to our cardboard boxes and filling material, we naturally make sure that our products are as recyclable as possible, ecological footprint, planetary love and all that.

Postage rates

We have had a good relationship with the parcel service providers for many years and, of course, with a higher total volume we also get a great price. In addition to the postage prices, the surcharges (such as tolls and fuel surcharges) are also passed on on a monthly basis.

Oh yes: and we can also do that with Switzerland and Liechtenstein, including customs clearance and everything that goes with it.

Returns management

Returns management includes receiving returns, unpacking and checking the condition of the return and - if possible - returning the return to inventory. 

The price we offer you already includes a return quota, each additional return will then be charged per package. Of course, we can also exclude the return quota if you decide to do so and we will then simply charge per return. Just as you like it. Sounds good, doesn't it?

call center

Nothing works without customer service, especially not world domination. That's why we have a standardised ticketing system, answer all enquiries that arrive by e-mail within 24 hours and are always available for your customers from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. anyway. 

By the way, we calculate with 20% call centre requests in relation to your monthly orders, and that from experience. We have been doing this for a while. By the way, our call centre speaks German, English, French, Italian and Dutch and, for a 20% surcharge, another language - Klingon, for example.

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Structure of a fulfilment accounting system

Why we are the right fulfilment partner for you

You can already pretty much imagine why we are your perfect partner in crime, but we'd like to get to the point: with us you get more.

Our price covers items that you would otherwise have to pay extra for or that you don't even know you will have to pay. Our Captain Kirk has worked hard to come up with an in-house mixed calculation for you that takes several points into account. Anyone can do a pure Pick & Pack. And we are better.

This way you can be sure that you are well prepared for many eventualities right from the start. It may be that others offer you cheaper pick & pack costs, but these e-commerce costs of the fulfilment service provider do not reflect some important points. And so you quickly end up with a - at first glance higher - price that is cheaper overall. With us. Because - as is often the case in life - it's all about the details. 

Full transparency for online shop costs

For us, true transparency of your costs is the most important thing. With us, you always know exactly how much you are paying for what. And you only pay for services that have actually been provided. After all, we are the fulfilment service provider you trust!

Always ahead at the speed of light: we offer you a constant overview of all your orders and costs, in real time. Boom.

Our fulfilment service advantages at a glance

Thanks to our many years of expertise, we can identify cost drivers, work out optimisation potential for you and offer you the following unbeatable advantages:

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Fulfillment costs in comparison

Well, it's not that easy to compare. Because how can you compare apples and oranges? Because depending on the requirements of your online shop, the e-commerce costs are, as I said, a little different. Not everyone wants to achieve world domination in the same way. And not everyone can offer what we can.

When comparing different e-commerce costs, you should therefore pay attention to what is included in the offer. Or not. And for the only true fulfilment offer, it's best to talk to us right now: Get a quote directly from MH.