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Corona-compliant fulfilment - SAFEDI warns against too much proximity

Corona continues to have us and our economy in its grip. After the numbers have climbed back up in the last few weeks as quickly as many business people would wish for their sales, we are currently in a second lockdown. A large portion of our staff is currently in the home office. But as a fulfillment company, a large portion of our workforce also remains in the company. The large number of orders in the run-up to Christmas and the additional increase due to Corona have to be handled.

As a fulfillment company and webshop operator we are of course obliged to comply with government regulations. For the protection of our employees and to be able to maintain our core business, we deliberately go one step further. Since the beginning of November we have SAFEDIs have been in use.

SAFEDI - The Contact Tracing Solution from Vorarlberg

The Vorarlberg-based company Heron shows that a crisis also brings opportunities and that complaining is useless. The innovative company has found a gap in the market based on the need for more security and control in the event of an emergency. Precise contact tracing without personal data and distance warning should help companies to identify close contacts as quickly as possible in an emergency and to determine the chain of infection. Properly implemented, SAFEDI protects our employees and prevents a lockdown of the company. We were completely convinced by the concept.

Cover picture contour: Heron Managing Director Christian Beer
Picture shows Heron managing director Christian Beer
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Interview with Christian Beer, owner and managing director of Heron Innovations Factory, about the idea of SAFEDI, function and data protection

MH direct asks: How did the idea of SAFEDIs come about?

Christian Beer: I noticed during a break that our employees are always getting closer in conversations - a centuries-old behavior pattern that can't be changed in a hurry. After all, the facial area is particularly susceptible to infections. So the question arose of how to reduce the risk of infection in the company and at the same time make the chain of infection traceable in the event of an emergency. We therefore bundled all the know-how in our company into one team and, with SAFEDI, developed a tool within a very short time that meets all the requirements for protecting the company: a uniquely precise analysis of close contacts and traceability of the infection chain, protection of the facial area and distance warning.

MH direct asks: How exactly do SAFEDIs work?

Christian Beer: "SAFEDI detects close contacts and analyzes infection chains many times more accurately than any smartphone app - without the use of personal data, without incorrect settings, without accidental deactivation. The coin-sized clip is worn on the upper body below the face area and triggers a visual and optional acoustic signal as soon as two SAFEDIs get too close to each other. Each SAFEDI is assigned an anonymous close contact diary that transmits the too-close SAFEDI IDs to a secure cloud. By recording both IDs, known as a double check, SAFEDI provides the world's best contact tracing. The transfer works via Bluetooth using the SAFEDI Synchro Hub - which is our stand-alone solution for businesses that does not require a smartphone or app. In the event of an infection, the respective, anonymous SAFEDI ID is entered in the secure SAFEDI portal and those SAFEDIs who were in close contact with the infected person according to the contact diary are notified. This is done via a trusted person in the company.

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MH direkt asks: The General Data Protection Regulation has brought about some adjustments, especially in e-commerce. How is data protection guaranteed at SAFEDI?

Christian Beer: Every user remains completely anonymous with SAFEDI, because during production SAFEDI is married with a 15-digit chaotic ID. The system makes it impossible to store personal data such as name, date of birth, age, gender or geodata. The SAFEDI Synchro Hub only serves as a bridge to the secure cloud, personal data is not stored.

MH asks: What are the benefits for our customers of using SAFEDI? 

Christian Beer: In the event of notification, only the people who were in close contact with an infected person need to follow the company's respective recommendations for action - for example, get tested. With its functions, SAFEDI helps to maintain ongoing operations in your company.

At this time, only one thing is certain: that absolutely nothing is certain! However, we try to take all precautions and set ourselves up as a company so that we can do our job and thus make many customers happy before Christmas.