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„Only measurable results bring measurable success.“

Michael Ellensohn, Team Leader

We make sure your customers find you.

The best web shop is of no use if it disappears in the depths of the World Wide Web. Marketing is crucial, and by “marketing”, we mean digital marketing.
Why? Because only digital marketing leads to quick and measurable results making it simple for you to constantly optimize your campaigns and to use your budget in the most efficient way.
Our creative strategies will help you put a stop to overspending and find innovative ways to increase brand awareness, reach your target groups and boost your revenues.


Performance SEO
  • Content for specific target groups
  • Brand advertising
  • CPC and CPA campaigns
  • Banner advertising and retargeting
  • AdWords campaigns
  • Onsite optimization
  • Creation of keywords
  • Content marketing and PR
  • Optimization of landing pages
Newsletter, E-Mail, Social Media Affiliates
Newsletter, E-Mail, Social Media
  • Design and content creation
  • Standard software
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Segmentation of target groups and users
  • Integration of all relevant social media platforms
  • Affiliate programs
  • Media design and optimization
  • Reporting and automated invoicing

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