3PL Fulfillment | The advantages of 3PL logistics at a glance
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3PL Fulfillment - what is that anyway?

What's behind 3PL Fulfillment and why we're your partner for it

Thanks to our many years of expertise, we now know with a probability bordering on certainty that the world's best product from an online shop will not be a success if the delivery costs for it are too high or the delivery for it takes too long. Honestly. E-commerce fulfilment means almost everything. For you, too.

With us as your partner, abandoned shopping baskets shortly before check-out due to high delivery costs or a cancelled order due to excessively long delivery times are finally a thing of the past. As an external logistics service provider, we navigate you through the universe of 3PL logistics as safely as Captain Kirk navigates his spaceship through space. You can rely on us completely!

The definition of 3PL logistics - and why you need to understand it

Let's start from the beginning. You have founded your own company and conjured up one or more products from your sleeve that were still missing on this planet. Our utmost respect for that!

You have implemented your idea with a lot of passion, converted your living room or garage, set up an online shop and already sent the first parcels and orders with great passion, so you have taken care of all the logistics yourself so far. 

But at some point you realise that you are running out of space. Your know-how reaches its limits, the living room has long been used for other purposes, the garage is overflowing. You simply run out of time and space. 

Does this sound familiar? Now at the latest - ideally sooner - you should start looking for your 3PL logistics partner. 

Wait - we still owe you something. Namely, what the exact definition of 3PL logistics actually is, right? So pay attention: 3PL(ThirdParty Logistics) gives you as a retailer or entrepreneur the opportunity to outsource your distribution, warehousing and fulfilment services

Or in other words: you finally get your living room and garage back - YAY!

What we do for you as your 3PL fulfilment partner

As your 3PL provider, we can help you save time and money. And a lot of nerves. How do we do that? As a fulfilment provider, we have an optimal infrastructure already in place and can divide the storage and personnel costs incurred among many different customers. 

We only charge you for the storage space and staff costs that are actually needed to store your products and process incoming orders and returns. We are your light at the end of the fulfilment services tunnel.

In summary, we take care of:

  • Incoming goods
  • Warehousing
  • Inventory management
  • Packing
  • Dispatch
  • Returns management

The advantages of 3PL logistics at a glance

Apart from the fact that you finally have time again to take care of the really important things (such as taking over world domination with your company), we also offer you other advantages:

  • Expertise in the fulfilment process
  • Fastest possible processing with regard to shipping and returns management
  • Locational advantages
  • High flexibility with rapid growth, should world domination work out faster than planned
  • Cost saving
  • Time saving - your company and possibly also your environment will thank you for it

As you can see, it makes perfect sense to entrust the entire order fulfilment process to the 3PL fulfilment company of your choice - us, of course - and to be able to devote yourself fully to your management tasks in the company again. Or perhaps a few other things that have been pending for a long time.

Convinced? Then talk to us, we look forward to meeting you: